About Us

Mike was raised on a large grain farm in La Porte, IN and has worked for Tuholski Farms, Inc. seasonally for over seventeen years. He has learned much about farm management from his dad, who is the manager of Tuholski Farms, Inc. and the owner of Tuholski Family Farms, LLC. Mike has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Indiana University, 2014) and a Master’s degree in Genetics (University of Wisconsin, 2017) and currently teaches biology at La Porte High School. In both his agricultural and academic background, Mike has developed a lifelong interest in growing food efficiently and sustainably. Mike looks forward to applying his scientific background to the farm in future years through the development of automated hydroponics systems and controlled experiments to increase crop efficiency.


Becca was also raised in La Porte, IN and has earned her Bachelor's degree in Applied Health Science (Indiana University, 2014) as well as her Master’s degree in Public Health (Benedictine University, 2017). She currently teaches Agriculture at La Porte Middle School. Becca has long been interested in the topic of food insecurity and has used her master’s program as an opportunity to delve into this topic further. During her master’s program, she had the opportunity to serve as the Health & Human Sciences Intern Educator with Purdue Extension - La Porte County. Through this work, Becca has become a local expert in food insecurity in La Porte County, as well as in the topics of local food, food systems, and farm-to-school programs. Becca continued this work at the state level with Purdue Extension and developed content for Indiana's farm-to-school website, which you can check out here. Becca is excited to be serving the La Porte County community and broader NW Indiana region in working to meet community needs for increased access to healthy, local, sustainably-grown foods.