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About Us

Mike was raised on a large grain farm in La Porte, IN and has worked for Tuholski Farms, Inc. seasonally for over twenty years. He has learned much about farm management from his dad, who is the manager of Tuholski Farms, Inc. and the owner of Tuholski Family Farms, LLC. Mike has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Indiana University, 2014) and a Master’s degree in Genetics (University of Wisconsin, 2017) and currently teaches biology at La Porte High School. In both his agricultural and academic background, Mike has developed a lifelong interest in growing food efficiently and sustainably. Mike looks forward to applying his scientific background to the farm in future years through the development of automated hydroponics systems and controlled experiments to increase crop efficiency.


Becca was raised in La Porte, IN and has an undeniable passion for local food systems, resilient community building, and community education. From her time as an Agricultural Science Teacher at LaPorte High School to her ongoing career as a beginning farmer alongside her husband to her current role as the Local Food Access Coordinator with the NWI Food Council, Becca is dedicated to strengthening our food system from the ground up. Becca has a Master's in Public Health and loves finding ways to merge her love for agriculture and community health. 

Riley is the newest member of our family, and she is already making quite the impression as our littlest farmer! Riley joined the "farm crew" in April 2023, and we could not be happier to be have this little girl in our lives!

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